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Disability Rap: January 2020

CalFresh, 2020 Census, and the Master Plan on Aging & Disability

The January 3rd, 2020 episode of Disability Rap features Christina Mills (California Foundation for Independent Living Centers), Elena Rodriguez (Community Member), Peter Mendoza (Marin Center for Independent Living), and Renee Renoir (FREED). Ana Acton and the aforementioned guests discussed CalFresh, 2020 Census, and Governor Newsom’s Master Plan on Aging & Disability.



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Disability Rap: December 2019

California for All Emergency Preparedness Campaign

The December 6th, 2019 episode of Disability Rap features guest host Amee Medeiros (Neighborhood Center of the Arts) and special guests Erin Noel (Sierra Foothills Village), Michelle (local artist), and Spencer (local artist). The discussion is focused on Listos California, a program initiated by Governor Newsom and state lawmakers whom “invested $50 million through urgency legislation (AB 72) to establish the California for All Emergency Preparedness Campaign. The campaign aims to boost disaster preparedness among our diverse and vulnerable Californians by connecting them to culturally and linguistically competent support through a grass-roots, people-centered approach. To ensure success, the campaign empowers and engages local communities on emergency preparedness to support California’s diverse and vulnerable populations, which can be described by social vulnerability factors including social isolation, poverty, language barriers, and other access and functional needs challenges.



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Disability Rap: November 2019

PG&E Power Shutoffs

On the November 1st, 2019 episode of Disability Rap, Ana Acton and co-host Brian Snyder interview radio personality and disability community advocate, Brian Terhorst about his experiences with PG&E’s Public Safety Power Shutoffs.



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Disability Rap: March 2019

Death, Loss, and Grief

In this strangely humorous episode of Disability Rap, Ana Acton interviews Death Positive Advocates and Chapel of the Angels Funeral Counselors, Rachel James and Tim Lilyquist. They discuss death, loss, grief in relation to disability and much more. FREED’s blind and deaf Disability Community Advocate (Brian Snyder) also talks about having a funeral for his eyesight.



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Disability Rap: September 2017

Connecting with Community.

Ana sits down with the Amee Medeiros of Neighborhood Center of the Arts, Stephanie Woodward of ADAPT, and Laura Peterson of the Bear Yuba Land Trust to discuss our vibrant and evolving community and the pressing issues of the day.

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Disability Rap: August 2017

Disability & Politics with Ted Jackson.

On the show this month, we interview Ted Jackson, the Community Organizing Consultant with the California Federation of Independent Living Centers. We talk with Ted about disability rights and inequality issues, both here in California and nationally. Ted worked on the Hillary Clinton campaign and now works for the Democratic National Committee, so we talk with him about that, too.