ADRC of Nevada County Yuba-Sutter ADRC

California Aging & Disability Resource Connection Yuba-Sutter ADRC


The Aging and Disability Resource Connection (ADRC) of Nevada County, and the Yuba-Sutter ADRC, assist people in making informed decisions about their short or long–term care needs, and to help them make a plan to be able to live as they want in the community. The ADRC process helps the consumer form a realistic view of what the community options really are. The consumer is encouraged to sit down with staff to make an action plan and then become responsible for carrying out the steps of the plan. A sample plan might include contacting family members for their input, contacting a financial advisor or planner to help with the money issues, or gathering information from local agencies on energy assistance or low cost telephone programs. It is up to the consumer to follow through on the plan but assistance from the program coordinator is readily available if needed. A follow-up call will be made to see if the consumer has been successful or if an amended plan is needed.

The ADRC provides 4 core services including:

  • Enhanced Information & Assistance
  • Options Counseling Person Centered Planning
  • Short Term Service Coordination
  • Transition from institutional settings (nursing homes) to community and from hospital to home

The ADRC serves individuals of all income levels, of any age and with any type of disability, older adults, and their support systems to access long-term services and supports from a consumer-driven perspective.

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