Hospital illustration

Transition Home From Hospital

FREED partners with Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital to provide the Care Transition Intervention Program.  Our trained staff provide coaching to ensure people have the tools, information and skills to better manage their health condition so they do not return to the hospital.


House Illustration

Transition Home from Nursing Home

Are you or someone you know exiting a nursing home, skilled nusring facility, mental health hospital or other institutional setting.  Would you like support to return to community living?  FREED provides comprehensive person-centered planning, short-term service coordination, and in some cases can provide needed equipment, supplies and funds.

Graduation cap illustration

Youth Transition

FREED has programs and services to support young adults with disabilities work towards their goals as they move into adulthood.  FREED can support the development of goals and plans, connection to resources, and ongoing support to navigate this important transition from a school-based system of services to independent living, employment or secondary education.

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