Are you or someone you know exiting a nursing home, skilled nusring facility, mental health hospital or other institutional setting.  Would you like support to return to community living?  FREED provides comprehensive person-centered planning, short-term service coordination, and in some cases can provide needed equipment, supplies and funds.

If you would like to move back into the community FREED can support you in many ways.

Person-Centered Planning

FREED staff can meet with you and your circle of support to determine what the needs are for you to transition safely into a new living situation.  We can help you understand, connect with and organize needed long-term service and supports and assist with coordination of those services until things stabilize.  Our staff are skilled at discovering who you are and what is most important to you, every person is individual and so is every plan for community living.

Department of Rehabilitation Transition Grants

When funding allows FREED can work with you to apply for a grant to help with costs related to your transition back to the community.  This may include funding assistive technology, home modifications, household items and other associated costs.  Dependent upon available funds.