Do you need to learn or sharpen skills that will help you maintain or increase your independence?

FREED’s Independent Living Skills program supports people in increasing and maintaining independence. We are empowering our community to live with self-determination and awareness.

Independent living skills can include things like time management, computer literacy, budgeting, and many other skills that allow an individual to manage their own life. These are necessary skills for empowered living.

Independent Living, as perceived by its advocates, is a philosophy and way of life that involves freedom of choice. Its rubrics are self-determination, accessibility, and equality. The independent living philosophy asserts that people who have disabilities are the best experts on our own needs.

An aspect of Independent Living is organizing ourselves for social and political power—to live as we want to the full capability of our existences. Independent living advocates also take on the struggle to reduce stigma and enlighten the public regarding our conditions. We are trying to normalize difference and diversity.