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Disability Rap: May 2015

Disability, Gender, and Popular Music.

Identities such as disability, gender or ethnicity are hardly ever isolated. In fact they often play off of each other. Join us this month as we talk about how two different identities – gender and disability – create an unexpected experience for the musicians that we look at in this special of Disability Rap.

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Disability Rap: April 2015

Discussing Assisted Suicide & the Value of Disabled Lives.

This week we discuss SB128, a California law which would legalize assisted suicide, And its implications for seniors and people with disabilities.

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Disability Rap: March 2015

Discussing Disability Employment Issues with Andy Imparato.

Join us this month as Ana Acton interviews Andy Imparato , Executive Director of the Association of University Centers on Disabilities and long time disability policy advocate about improving employment prospects for people with disabilities.

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Disability Rap: January 2015

Songs of Blind Folk.

In January 2015, we took a look at blind music artists in the 20th century, and how they experienced their disabilities in the context of other identities such as ethnicity, and gender.

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Disability Rap: December 2014

Learn about the new opportunities for low-cost Internet in our community, advocacy of people with developmental disabilities in Auburn, and the work of FREED’s counterpart also in Auburn.

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Disablility Rap: August 6, 2015

On this episode Of disability rap, FREED Executive Director, Ana Acton, discusses information and referral services of Nevada County 211 with Alice Johnson, and an excellent opportunity to learn about the history of the Americans With Disabilities Act on August 7, with Youth Organizing Intern, Kristin Ansell and Deputy Director of the California Foundation for Independent Living Centers Christina Mills.

Stay tuned for information on more ADA Panel Discussions coming up.