Do you feel lonely or disconnected from the community? FREED has Friendly Visitor volunteers who would look forward to coming to visit with you. Nevada County Only.

Due to factors such as a lack of transportation or community inaccessibility, many seniors and people with disabilities go through prolonged periods of social isolation and loneliness. People who have disabilities identify numerous obstacles to community inclusion, such as experiencing limited access to facilities; a lack of transportation; being ignored or rejected by others; and a lack of income. In rural areas, especially, people are at risk for experiencing isolation which is a risk factor leading to many poor health outcomes.

Maureen, our Friendly Visitor Coordinator, understands how stigma and lack of access can lead to social marginalization–increasing people’s risk for injury and illness. She works to match Friendly Visitor participants to volunteers—who then get together to see movies, hang out, have conversations, play cards, go for a walk, or just talk. Volunteers can also meet by phone. FREED believes this process is an invaluable way for people to connect within the community.

Our volunteers come from every walk of life and every background. FREED coordinates many Friendly Visitor volunteers, who visit approximately 79 individuals in the community. Each volunteer is carefully screened and trained—and is matched with an individual with similar interests.

If you or someone you know would be interested in a visitor, or if you are interested in volunteering, please give FREED a call.