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Disability Rap: September 2017

Connecting with Community.

Ana sits down with the Amee Medeiros of Neighborhood Center of the Arts, Stephanie Woodward of ADAPT, and Laura Peterson of the Bear Yuba Land Trust to discuss our vibrant and evolving community and the pressing issues of the day.

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Disability Rap: August 2017

Disability & Politics with Ted Jackson.

On the show this month, we interview Ted Jackson, the Community Organizing Consultant with the California Federation of Independent Living Centers. We talk with Ted about disability rights and inequality issues, both here in California and nationally. Ted worked on the Hillary Clinton campaign and now works for the Democratic National Committee, so we talk with him about that, too.

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Disability Rap: September 2015

Celebrating Our Roots

Join us this month as we talk with Tony Sauer, former director of FREED, and Caleb Dardick, son of Sam Dardick, about the way that FREED and the local disability rights movement have redefined ability over the last 30 years.

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Disability Rap: August 2015

Information & Referral Services.

On this episode Of disability rap, FREED Executive Director, Ana Acton, discusses information and referral services of Nevada County 211 with Alice Johnson, and an excellent opportunity to learn about the history of the Americans With Disabilities Act on August 7, with Youth Organizing Intern, Kristin Ansell and Deputy Director of the California Foundation for Independent Living Centers Christina Mills.

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Disability Rap: June 2015

Conversation with Disability Activist and Author, Shawn Casey O’Brien.

Join us this month as we talk to Kristen Darling about her work with a school for children with disabilities in Bali followed by a conversation with disability activist and author, Shawn Casey O’Brien, about his latest book “For the Love of Longshots: A memoir on democracy.”

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Disability Rap: May 2015

Disability, Gender, and Popular Music.

Identities such as disability, gender or ethnicity are hardly ever isolated. In fact they often play off of each other. Join us this month as we talk about how two different identities – gender and disability – create an unexpected experience for the musicians that we look at in this special of Disability Rap.