2021 Annual Report: Meeting the Need

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Consumer Success Story: A home of his own

Alex is a 67-year-old man who experienced two strokes in two years and as a result ended up at The Fountains, a skilled nursing facility. The resulting weakness in his arms and legs required the use of a wheelchair most of the time. And a walker when not in his wheelchair.

An older, light skinned man sits on the end of a bed with a purple bed spread. He is facing the camera and smiling. He wears jeans, and checkered shirt and a black raiders ball cap. Sun is shining in the window behind him through the partially closed curtain.
FREED Consumer, Alex, in his new home.

Prior to his strokes, Alex was living in a travel trailer on his brother’s property in Yuba City. He had lived there since 2003. After he was hospitalized, his brother told him that he could no longer live there, that he needed too much support and that he was “on his own”. Alex’s brother also sold his car, clothing and all his belongings including his cell phone and drained all his savings while he was in the nursing home. Alex had no where else to go, and lived at The Fountains for over a year.

He reached out to FREED, and our staff was able to help him obtain a Housing Voucher through the Regional Housing Authority. With that he was able to get a studio apartment through Habitat for Humanity at Prosperity Village and transition out of the nursing home.

A DOR Transition Grant was utilized to support Alex in obtaining needed items for the initial set up of his home. It’s been about 6 months since Alex has been housed. He no longer needs his wheelchair and is walking around daily using his walker. He has even gained enough strength in his body to be able to climb stairs daily.

Best of all, Alex recently got reconnected with his nephew who helps him with travel to appointments and shopping for any items needed. Since being on his own, Alex’s quality of life has increased. He has gained his independence and ownership of his life.

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