2021 Annual Report: Meeting the Need

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A Volunteer Highlight: Karen Donaldson

Karen, a white woman, is partially facing the camera, looking away, with the sun shining on half her face. He has long hair and is slightly smiling. Mountains are visible in the background
FREED Volunteer Karen Donaldson

Karen first began volunteering in San Francisco in 1974. She moved to Sierra County in 1978 and spent more than 25 years as a nonprofit administrator in Sierra and Nevada Counties.

From 2004 through 2007, Karen volunteered in her former position as executive director of Sierra Co. Arts Council and served on the board of directors to stabilize the agency after the loss of state funds and to secure the Yuba Theatre as a performing arts venue – it is now owned by Sierra County with a grant written to CA Dept. of Parks & Recreation.

She also joined KVMR as a lifetime member in the early 1990s, and greatly appreciates the value and contribution of non-profits in the community.

Thank you, Karen!

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