FREED is partnering with the California Foundation for Independent Living Centers (CFILC) and PG&E to begin a new initiative to support people with disabilities and older adults during Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) events or other emergencies that may arise in the future. The goal is to enable these populations to remain safe while independent in their residences and communities. We are coordinating various programs and services for those who depend on power for durable medical equipment or their livelihoods. 

Click HERE to apply for PSPS resources. 

FREED is available to assist in these critical ways: 

If you or someone in your community requires the use of a life-sustaining medical device due to a disability or health condition, we can help you apply for PG&E’s Medical Baseline Program. This is not income-based. If approved, consumers receive a lower rate on their monthly energy bill as well as additional notifications in advance of a Public Safety Power Shutoff event.

FREED can also assist individuals to create a personalized disaster plan. Emergencies, including power shutoffs, can interrupt your normal routine and support systems. Planning will increase your safety and create peace of mind.

FREED can provide access to backup portable batteries to qualifying consumers who use electrical medical devices or assistive technology. Individuals who use life-sustaining medical devices, such as CPAP machines, oxygen concentrators, powerchairs, ventilators, etc. will be our highest priority and supplies are limited.

If you rely on power to operate life-sustaining medical devices, FREED may be able to assist in covering the costs associated with accessible transportation, lodging. and food during a PSPS event.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Preparedness takes time, so it is important to reach out to FREED in advance. FREED does NOT operate as a 24/hour emergency response service and people experiencing a life-threatening emergency should dial 911 immediately.

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For information about how to prepare for future PSPS events, please contact FREED’s Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Brian Snyder: or (530) 477-3333, ext. 206.