Try It Before You Buy It!

Do you like libraries? FREED has its own version of the dewy decimal system—but instead of borrowing a book from FREED, you can borrow a voice amplifier or a video magnifier! FREED also provides demonstrations and training on how to use assistive devices.

We are proud to sponsor the second busiest Device Lending & Demonstration Center in California. Ability Tools contracts with FREED to provide short-term loans of assistive devices and gadgets that can help you live independently. In 2016, FREED loaned over 1,000 AT devices to the our local community as well as providing some devices to individuals from all over the state.

Device Lending Libraries are located throughout the state of California. Funded by the Department of Rehabilitation, these libraries provide devices, computer technology, and equipment that can be borrowed for a set time. That way, you can check the technology out before buying it. Borrowing a device is free of charge, and anyone is eligible to participate—individuals, families, schools, and businesses. When we don’t have a device available at FREED, we can try to order it through another library in our state-wide system. People borrow devices through our library for many reasons: to accommodate a guest, offer support for an employee, or to try a device before it’s purchased. Whatever your interest is, you are welcome to stop by FREED to check out our inventory.

Here are a few of the items we carry: Portable Wheelchair and Threshhold Ramps; video magnifiers; long distance viewing glasses; portable listening devices; screen readers for the visually impaired; amplified phones; TV headphones; wireless keyboard communicator; large print keyboards; electronic book readers; iPads; full spectrum lamps; and much, much more.

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