Go Green for CP’s Nicole Luongo

We’re joined today by Nicole Luongo, an advocate, author, and public speaker who has Cerebral Palsy. In 2019, Nicole started The Go Green for CP campaign to raise awareness for cerebral palsy in this country and around the world. Through her leadership, the campaign succeeded in getting at least one building or landmark in almost every state lit up in green on National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day on March 25th and on World CP Day on October 6th. In 2021, she launched a campaign to have the White House light up in Green annually on March 25th. She also created the social media campaign What CP Looks Like.

Nicole is the author of Naked Desires, a book of poetry that chronicles her quest and challenges to find true love. She is a fitness enthusiast and has encouraged others to enjoy fitness and get moving, reshaping our notion of what fitness looks like.

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