2022 Berkeley City Council Candidate Michai Freeman

We are joined today by Michai Freeman, a Systems Change Advocate at the Center for Independent Living in Berkeley, California. When she was young, Michai developed a neuromuscular disease. Originally from New York, she spent her formative years in Brooklyn and had to be bussed to a community two hours away from her home to attend a school for the disabled. At that time, in the 1970s, children with disabilities were not admitted to the school closest to her home.

In 1989, Michai came to California to attend the University of California Berkeley. She studied abroad for a year in Egypt and then received her master’s in Holistic Studies with a specialization in nutrition from John F. Kennedy University. She ran for Berkeley City Council in 2022. While she did not win in that election, she continues to advocate for the disabled in her communities.

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