FREED received a $12,000 grant from Voter’s Choice California to educate voters about big changes coming to Nevada County voters.

In 2018, only Madera, Napa, Nevada, Sacramento, and San Mateo will become Voter’s Choice Act counties. All other California counties may choose to adopt the new system in 2020, but are not required to do so. Under the Voters Choice Act, all registered Nevada County voters will get a ballot in the mail a few weeks before the election. You can vote by mailing your ballot, dropping off your ballot at a secure ballot dropbox, or by visiting any Nevada County vote center to drop off your ballot or vote in person. Most neighborhood polling places will no longer be used for voting. Instead you can vote at any vote center in your county.

Voter Centers will be open 4 to 11 days before Election Day. At a vote center, you can vote in-person, drop off your completed ballot or get a replacement ballot, vote using an accessible voting machine, and get help and voting materials in multiple languages. If you are not registered to vote, you can also register and vote on the same day at Vote Center all the way through Election Day.

Voters with disabilities may also request a remote accessible vote-by-mail ballot. You can use this ballot at home with your own computer and assistive technologies, then print the ballot and mail or drop it off.

If you need language assistance, visit any vote center or call Nevada County’s language assistance hotline at (888) 395-1298. To find out more go to,, or